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Members News: Issue 1 2014

National Hospital Network

Newsletter: Issue 1 | 2014

The Summit Rehab Team at Clayton House

The Summit Rehab Team at Clayton House which includes Physio, Speech, Occupational Therapy, Dietician and Social work services.

Clayton house is a 21 bed sub-acute unit in the east of Johannesburg, catering for the medical and therapeutic needs of a wide variety of patients immediately post acute hospital care.  With 4 licensed high care beds, a compliment of ICU trained nurses and the services of a dedicated specialist physician, Clayton House is able to admit medically stable patients direct from the acute ICU environment, even if they are still requiring ventilation.

As part of the ongoing drive for better services and outcomes, in October 2013 Clayton House contracted with the nationally recognized rehabilitation group practice of Rita Henn and Partners to provide the therapy services for the facility.  The group practice is based on site and is integrated with the Clayton House team and the patient in the formulation of goals and treatment plans, in close relationship with the family and funder/s. 

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Medgate Day Clinic | The Day Clinic

Medgate Day Clinic is an 18 bed, three theatre facility and accepts patients from the Cosmetic Clinic and the Medgate Eye Clinic. As the name suggests, the day clinic caters for same-day procedures for all procedures which can be performed in one day. Medgate Day Clinic currently performs all specialities excluding urology. Our doctor’s sessional rooms and doctors occupying their own rooms in the building also assist with theatre patients.

The clinic has state-of-the-art equipment which ensures cost effective procedures and maximum comfort for patients. Our experienced staff members are well trained and we are proud of the fact that 10 years of service is average for staff members.

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We at Melomed Private Hospitals hosted a Cuppa for CANSA high tea.

In support of breast cancer awareness, we at Melomed Private Hospitals hosted a Cuppa for CANSA high tea.

The weather and setting was magical, exquisitely decorated tables and high tea treats was set under the beautiful oak tree for our guests to enjoy which was prepared by our in-house catering team.

After the delicious treats, guests were ushered into the presentation venue to listen to the interesting and informative program. Our guest speakers included our resident Oncologist Dr. Imran Parker, Dr. Shaheeda Sonday (General Surgeon with a special interest in breast cancer), Dr. Tom Dicker (Radiologist) and Breast Cancer Survivor Mrs Madhuri Chavda. Madhuri shared her personal story in her battle and triumph in surviving Breast Cancer and is an ambassador for educating the women in our local communities.

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Melomed has been assisting Ihata with many uplifment programs to ensure its continued success

Melomed Private Hospitals, as part of its corporate social initiative, is proud to be associated with the Ihata Shelter, an organization formed to provide much needed assistance to abused women and children.

For years, Melomed has been assisting Ihata with many uplifment programs to ensure its continued success and in its latest drive to assist, a campaign was planned and launched to help greatly improve the living conditions and environment at the Shelter. The key ingredients required for our campaign included fresh paint, gardening tools, and as many helpful hands as we could gather. Taking the scale of the shelter facilities into consideration, and the one day designated to complete the work, Melomed imagined a daunting task was now at hand but still maintained its hope and faith in others to assist.

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Arwyp Medical Centre's upgraded facilities

The months of planning, building and renovation at Arwyp Medical Centre are beginning to show benefits and a number of building projects have recently been completed:

The new and improved Central Sterilizing Services Department (CSSD) was officially approved by the Department of Health in January and was opened on 10 February 2014 by hospital manager Margaret Ireland.

Switching the autoclaves on for the first time at the new CSSD

Opening of the new CCSD

The completely refurbished lifts in the South Building are also making life easier for everyone, patients and staff alike.

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Cansa Relay 2014

The Cansa Relay for Life event is an event that takes place yearly to raise funds for Cansa.

The event takes place overnight from 6pm to 6am in the morning. Teams enter the relay and walk overnight. Funds raised with the event is donated to Cansa.

This year’s event took place on the 8th and 9th March in the parking area at Ilanga Mall due to heavy rainfall in the area. Lowveld Hospital has entered a team for the event for the past two years. Teams relayed overnight this year and 5 staff members overcame the tiredness and managed to finish the relay on the morning of the 9th at 6 am.

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A Mindful Moment

Introducing Vista Clinic’s very own Blog named “Mindful Moment”.  The blog has a dual purpose namely to serve as a post discharge support platform for patients and family and also to be used as a communication medium for the 30 Reasons to celebrate campaign.  The blog will be managed and updated by Vista Clinic’s group facilitator.  A new theme/topic will be discussed every month.  You will find links to the Blog on the Vista website.

What is a Blog?

So you’ve heard the term “blog” but what is a blog all about? A blog is a frequently updated online discussion website consisting of posts and comments. It is a place to share thoughts with the rest of the world. Really, it’s anything you want it to be. For our purpose the blog is a information site that will be updated with useful post discharge support information and links to other websites on an ongoing basis.  Click on the link to visit the blog: www.mindfulmoment.co.za

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Lenmed Health - Introduction

Lenmed Investments Limited (Lenmed) is a well established South African hospital group providing private patient healthcare in Africa through the management and ownership of hospitals and other related health services.

Lenmed’s roots reach back to 1984. In response to the community’s growing healthcare needs, the first hospital in the Group was founded in Lenasia, Gauteng as a 48-bed facility. The success of this particular hospital resulted in the generation of sufficient capital to enable Lenmed to make numerous significant acquisitions since 2004.

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MMC Cansa Shavathon 2014

Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) and Midlands Medical Centre (MMC) in Pietermaritzburg recently teamed up to deliver a hugely successful and colourful Shavathon.

Cansa Shavathon is held in order to show solidarity with those affected by cancer, with participants either shaving or tinting their hair.

About 90 hospital staff raised more than R2000 at Midlands Medical Centre.

Sindi Ngcobo, a caregiver at MMC’s Neonatal ICU, decided to shave her hair in order to support the cause.

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The Pelvic Wellness Centre was officially opened at the urology Hospital on 3 February 2014

The Centre comprises four doctors namely, Dr Frans van Wijk (Urologist), Dr Raymond Campbell (Urologist), Dr Paul Swart (Gynaecologist and Obstetrician) and Dr Norbert Welkovics (Surgeon and Intensivist). Dr Frans van Wijk shared briefly on his dream to have such a Centre that would incorporate a multi-discipline approach to the pelvic floor practice. He continued to say that the future success of the Pelvic Wellness Centre would be to pass on the knowledge of what they have learnt over the years to others and to continually strive to better themselves.

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ICD-10: Are you Ready for the Phase 3 and Phase 4.1 Implementation?

Sithara Satiyadev, Africode Consulting


ICD-10, The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Tenth Revision was implemented in South Africa in 2005 by the National Department of Health (NDoH) and the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS), utilising a phased approach. The implementation of ICD-10 is currently being overseen by a Ministerial ICD-10 Task Team that functions under the auspice of the NDoH.  Phases 1 and 2 were implemented in 2005 and phase 3 was introduced in January 2006.

Phase 3 needs to be fully implemented on 01 July 2014.

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Hillcrest Private Hospital Nurse Training Initiative

The announcement by the South African Nursing Council (SANC) regarding the training of nurses - who will no longer be able to enter the healthcare environment at a junior level and train up on the job to registered nurse but will have to complete a degree course - means that a number of highly talented enrolled assistant nurses and enrolled nurses will be have to remain at that rank, unable to progress their training unless they return to full-time study.

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Midlands Medical Centre (MMC) Private Hospital, recently donated stationery packs to 150 needy children.

Although the Jika Joe informal settlement has garnered its fair share of controversy in recent weeks, the intervention of an NGO and a local private hospital was a timely reminder that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

Thanks largely to the efforts of Mama Ntombi’s Community Projects (MNCP), a local NGO, Midlands Medical Centre (MMC) Private Hospital, based in the lower CBD of Pietermaritzburg, recently donated stationery packs to 150 needy children who live in the informal settlement.

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Hillcrest Private Hospital Is the Proud Winner of the 2013 PMR Diamond Arrow Award

Opened in July 2011, Hillcrest Private Hospital is driven by a strong customer-centric focus and is committed to offering quality healthcare in a nurturing environment.  

“We’re aiming to offer a different level of care for our people,” says Glen Passmore, Director of Hillcrest Private Hospital. “As a private enterprise we have always valued our relationships with our partners, be it our suppliers, doctors, or staff.”

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